my portfolio speaks for itself.

innovative work

from design to development. from static sites to CMS and eCommerce functionality.

I love building super fast and responsive sites. I specialize in building dynamic sites with NodeJS but I also have a strong background in building WordPress sites, themes and plugins. Check out some of my most recent projects below.


Enxo is the first business I ever started. I provide content filtering and accountability software for businesses, individuals and churches. The site is custom built on AdonisJS including the front end landing page and user dashboard functionality.

On the back end I am making extensive use of jQuery Datatables to present reports to customers and their partners. I use a number of custom created bash scripts to process log files and parse them and convert them for the individual users.

My content filtering software is built in GoLang.


Vibrant Meals is an up and coming healthy meal food prep and delivery company. Their current site is built on Square Space, however they were running into some issues with the checkout flow and some custom business logic.

The solution was to build a completely custom eCommerce platform based on AdoniJS and Stripe. We are in the process of beta testing now in preperation for final launch.


I created as another way to promote my freelance business. This site is completely custom. It is built on the wonderful AdonisJS framework. This is the first site I ever built without using Bootstrap or jQuery. Instead it uses Tailwind CSS and simple Javascript functionality. The contact forms are hooked up to controller methods on the backend connecting to a MySQL database.


The Nutty German

The Nutty German sells Cinnamon glazed roasted nuts. They had a WordPress site that was in need of a refresh. We designed and built a brand new site on Statamic CMS. We were able to increase the mobile Google Page Speed score from the 60's to 95.

Not only did we increase the page speed, but we also simplified their product pages to reduce overhead.


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