Free/Awesome IP Geolocation lookup API

I was recently working on a client site when I noticed that the IP Geolocation API we were using was starting to return some funky results. Specifically it was return the wrong city/state information for a block of IP addresses. The one IP address in particular was tied to Comcast. That led me on a search for an alternative free/cheap API with a high rate limit. There are tons of options out there but so far GeoJS is my new favorite. It’s simple, it’s free and best of all no rate limits. It’s also sponsored by Digital Ocean and Cloudflare which lends some credibility at least in my mind.

Oh yeah, did I mention it doesn’t even require an API key? Almost sounds too good to be true right? You can find the endpoints here. Here is a simple request that will return geo location info for your ip address.

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