who am i?

web devoloper, entreprenuer, linux enthiusiast

why iliveinaterminal.com?

my story

I don't remember where I came up with the name. I just remember thinking about how much time I spend working in a terminal window. I usually split my time between my favorite terminal Hyper or the built in terminal in Visual Studio Code. I do a lot of backend coding and development and I rely on these terminal emulators for much of my work flow.

While there are already a ton of sites out there dedicated the joys of Linux, I thought I would add mine into the mix. My initial vision is to create a place to showcase my portfolio as well as random tips and tricks that I come across on my daily basis.

Inspired by the amazing documentation that Digital Ocean maintains. Seriously, one of the reasons I switched over to Digital Ocean years ago is because everytime I would search something related to managing servers I would find the information I needed in a Digital Ocean blog post.


Mike Conrad

I am a currently a freelance web developer in Chattanooga TN. I got my start in technology when I was a teenager building, customizing and fixing computers. I have a background in IT with over 7 years of experience managing servers and networking equipment.

I got into programming 4 years ago. I started out learning PHP and WordPress and eventually picked up Javascript and NodeJS. I prefer working in NodeJS because I love building interactive backend sites and applications.

When i'm not glued to Visual Studio Code or Hyper I like to go rock climbing and hang out with my cats Mr Pickles and Oliver. Oh yeah, and my wife Jenna is pretty awesome too!


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